Thursday 18 April 2019

Book Review: Code Of Valor

From The Back:

She's living proof that what you don't know could kill you
What Detective Brady St. John really needs is a relaxing vacation. Unfortunately, just as the sun is setting on his second day at a friend's cabin on Lake Henley, he hears a scream and races to rescue a woman from her would-be killer. When the killer escapes only to return to finish the job, Brady vows to utilize all of his many resources to keep her safe--and catch those who would see her dead.

Financial crimes investigator Emily Chastain doesn't trust many people. And even though she's trying to cooperate with the detective who saved her life, there are some things she doesn't know--and some things you just don't share with a stranger. Little does she suspect that what she doesn't know just might get them both killed.
My Reflections:
Get ready for the adrenaline to stream through your veins. This book is full on from page one to 327. I Love that all the books intertwine with each other, bringing a cohesive blend to this series. This being book number 3 in the Blue Justice storyline, and every bit as good as the other two. I would highly recommend that you go out and start with book one, "Oath of Honour" then continue on to book two "Called to Protect." You seriously will not regret it!
The characters in all these books will become like family for the short time you are engaged in their lives, I say short because you will most likely devour the books so rapidly that you literally want to write Lynette Eason and beg her to hurry up on the next installment! 
I really enjoyed the intense bond Emily Chastain and Detective Brady St. John share, it happens rapidly, and though I'm sure it must be against some law enforcement rule, it works well for this fast-paced novel. This does seem to be a pattern for Brady, his family cautions him, along with close friends, but he dives head first and falls hard while maintaining a mostly professional distance..umm until he kisses her. Ok, so there you have it though this is not a realistic storyline I loved it, and want more! 
If you are looking for a fantastic Romantic suspense look no farther, this series is it. Now, let's hope Lynette Eason hurries up and releases book 4.

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Lynette Eason

Lynette Eason is the bestselling author of Oath of HonorCalled to ProtectCode of Valor, and Vow of Justice, as well as the Women of Justice, Deadly Reunions, Hidden Identity, and Elite Guardians series. She is the winner...
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