Wednesday 21 November 2018

Book Review: The Art of Parenting, Aiming Your Child's Heart Toward God

From the Back:

Embrace God's Purpose and Plan for Your family parenting is an exciting adventure, full of twists and turns. But sometimes it feels like you don't know where you're headed, or you're just making it up as you go along. How can you get where you want to be without having a plan in place?

Dennis and Barbara Rainey have spent decades teaching on the foundations necessary for building godly families. Now they share the insights and expertise gleaned from those years of ministry, as well as stories and teaching from their own children about the challenges of parenting today. The Art of Parenting focuses your attention on four crucial elements in your children's lives:

1. Relationships--fostering godly connections with others
2. Character--learning to live wisely and honorably
3. Identity--understanding who they are in Christ
4. Mission--understanding why they are here
When you apply biblical truth to these four areas, you can feel confident your children will have a foundation they can build upon for the rest of their lives.

My Reflections:

This book. Wow. in my years as a parent I have read more parenting books than I care to admit. In the attempt to be the parent I didn't have I strive to know the answers to the questions that elude me as a mom. 
No matter if you had the perfect parents growing up, or none at all, Dennis and Barbara Rainey share wisdom paired with practical applications on how to grow your child's heart for God. This book feels like you have two caring, wise and loving mentors cheering you on in the journey you find your self on.

Some days feel like I am just barely hanging on as a parent, the pressures of work, homeschooling, driving the kids everywhere, making nutritious food and keeping the house clean..ish all seem like too much some days. However, it is my life, my joy, and as my children grow and develop into the people God is leading them to be I see his hand in it all. He has this, I don't need to stress. These are his children too, he has a plan, I just need to listen and follow his lead.

Reading books that are so well written like "The Art of Parenting" help make God's plan that more clear. This book breaks down the fundamental elements to steering your child's life in the right direction. This all starts with you really. How is your prayer life? Do you turn to God when the road gets bumpy? Do you read the Bible? (Yep, I've still got lots to work on too, no judgment here) We are all on the same path bumbling along trying to make the right choices for our families. Reading good solid scripture based parenting books has made me feel more confident and ready for that sometimes bumpy but always joyful journey!

So if you are looking to read a fantastic book on Parenting this one may be just what you're looking for!

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Dennis Rainey
Dennis Rainey is the president and cofounder of FamilyLife, a Cru ministry. He is a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary and hosts conferences on marriage, men's ministry, and parenting. Dennis is the daily host of the nationally syndicated radio program...
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Barbara Rainey

Barbara Rainey ( is a wife, mother of six adult children (plus three sons-in-law and two daughters-in-law), and "Mimi" to twenty-one grandchildren. After graduating from the University of Arkansas with a Bachelor of Arts...
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Dave Boehi

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