Saturday 29 September 2018

Compassion Canada, Period Poverty

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Having your period is no big deal, but if you live in a third world country, or are living on the streets, this monthly visitor can be truly devastating.

When I came across this article through Graf-Martin Communications, I was immediately moved by what these people are doing to empower women in their communities. You can access the direct link above,  I have copied one paragraph for you to get the scope of the awesomeness of this project. This is really what coming together for the greater good of humankind is all about!

 A Snapshot From the Link Above:

Men working at sewing machines may seem like an unconventional picture—even more so when you realize they are sewing reusable feminine hygiene products! But for several men in Mulatsi, Uganda, this is a regular practice that is strengthening their community, generating income and empowering their daughters.
Period poverty refers to the lack of access to hygiene products for girls living in poverty
something that was an immense struggle for women and girls in Mulatsi.

The dedication to change lives in a very practical way.

The smiles say it all. Visit the Compassion Canada site and read more about this amazing project!

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