Wednesday 23 August 2017

Book Review: A Bride Most Begrudging

From The Back Cover:

They agreed to a marriage of convenience . . .
Virginia Colony, 1643. Taken prisoner on a ship departing England, Lady Constance Morrow is nearly unrecognizable by the time she arrives in the colonies aboard a ship carrying goods and "tobacco brides." Farmer Drew O'Connor is seeking not a wife but a maid to tend his house and care for his young sister. Still, after an unusual series of events, he is all but forced to marry the feisty redhead, who claims to be the daughter of an earl and wants to go back to England.

But nothing about this situation is convenient, least of all their attraction to each other.
Both headstrong and determined, Drew and Constance seem to be in perpetual disagreement about her expected responsibilities and her unconventional ideas, but there is a fiery energy between them that refuses to be denied. However, Drew made a promise, and he will honor it . . . even if it means sending her home.

My Reflections:

What an endearing novel! 
I very much enjoyed traveling back in time to 1643 and exploring the Colonial life. 

Although this is rated as a Christian novel I would certainly not hand it over to my Teenager. The sexual tension is high in this book and although the writer does not allow the reader into the bedroom, the suggestion and foreplay are quite steamy for a Christian story.
Since I am an adult I was perfectly fine with the level of intimacy, I don't think that it crossed the line, just tread quite closely. Some readers may find it too much.

Lady Morrow Constance finds herself in a precarious situation when visiting her Uncle aboard a ship filled with prisoners and indentured slaves headed for the Americas. No matter that she snuck onto said ship and most certainly a lady has no right to be anywhere near this level of danger! 

Being held prisoner, with no choices left to her, Constance makes it to the colonies, only to find herself sold to a horrendous man. Luckily for her, he looses the possession of her in a ridiculous card game! 
Drew O'Connor want's nothing to do with women, his heart can't take another person dear to him dying in this brutal land he calls home. He will do just about anything to keep himself aloof from the opposite sex.  

God always has a backup plan however and due to the laws of the land both Constance and Drew must wed... Drew doesn't desire a wife, and Constance just wants to go back home! What a pair!

While I very much enjoyed this story there were a few points to consider. How on earth did a beautiful girl make it through the entire journey with her virtue intact? Also, the mathematical thread was quite dull. anyone who knows me can attest that you start talking numbers and I tune you out. I also found the switch in the style of speaking to be offsetting. One time we are speaking in the era, the next modern day. It made for a slightly choppy read.

Overall I loved this story, and read it in record time! The plot was enjoyable and engaging, the characters flawed and spunky.
I am very much hoping that Deeanne Gist will be writing a sequel especially on the life of Drew's Brother, Josh. The story ends without really delving into this broody brother's future to a satisfying end.
Want an interesting read? This may just be your next book!

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