Monday 17 April 2017

Book Review: Your Next 24 Hours

One day.
One decision.
One amazing discovery.

A life with greater purpose and fulfillment is closer than you think. The decisions you make in the next 24 hours can change your life and influence the people around you . . . for good.

Your Next 24 Hours shows you the enormous difference you can make through small, doable acts of kindness in your family, community, workplace, school, and church. You'll read inspiring stories of unsung heroes, as well as celebrities like

- Kate Winslet
- Adam Levine
- Jake Gyllenhaal
- Zendaya
- Paul Walker
- Denzel Washington
- Amy Adams
- and many more

The kindness revolution starts with you! Begin reading Your Next 24 Hours today and make this day one of a more fulfilling life.

My Reflections:

Kindness, such a beautiful word. One person can make a difference in this busy world.
My life is proof of many people's acts of kindness, this changed my world for the better. It is my goal in this life to pay it forward as well, so when I saw this book being offered I jumped at the opportunity to review it.

The book launches into a tragic story about loss and the choices made in its wake. It set the stage for the birth of the renowned charity called, Convoy of Hope.

The book was filled with stories to encourage and uplift us. I found myself ready to face the next 24 hours with a new attitude and perspective. You can be well known for your acts of kindness like the mega rich person who showers help to the needy, but you could also be the quiet wallflower who makes a change one smile at a time or by buying a coffee for the family behind you in the drive-through. Change is a choice, you can actively make changes around you..or not, you decide.

I loved that this book includes a section called "Kind Ways." It gives practical suggestions to show kindness in may different scenarios, some I wouldn't have thought about.

All in all this book was refreshing and made me excited. I often feel like I am not making a lasting impact on the world around me, but this book reminded me that the little things count.

I highly recommend you read this book, we can all make a difference one choice at a time.

Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc

About the Authors: 

Hal Donaldson

Hal Donaldson cofounded and serves as president of Convoy of Hope, Inc. Since 1994, Convoy of Hope has distributed nearly $1 billion worth of food and vital emergency supplies to more than 70 million people.
Continue reading about Hal Donaldson

Kirk Noonan

Kirk Noonan is a former magazine journalist who now serves as Vice President of Creative Communications for Convoy of Hope.
Continue reading about Kirk Noonan

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