Monday 24 October 2016

Book Review: The Domino Effect

From the Back:

". . . [G]enuinely compelling, and comes with a real warning about real markets. The dominoes may well fall in quick procession."--Ted R. Malloch, Senior Fellow, Said Business School, University of Oxford

Esther Larsen, a top risk analyst at one of the country's largest banking institutions, is becoming more and more convinced that she has uncovered a ticking bomb with the potential to make the 2008 market crash look minor by comparison. And as her own employer pursues "investment" strategies with ever-increasing levels of risk, she becomes convinced she must do something. But Esther is only one person; can she stand up to an international conspiracy of greed? And if she does, will anyone take her seriously?

Every moment of indecision edges the markets closer to a tipping point--the teetering first domino in a standing row that circles the globe. And when Esther finds her voice, those she seeks to expose will not sit idly by. With global markets on the brink, and her own life in danger, Esther is locked in a race against the clock to avert a financial tsunami that threatens worldwide devastation.
My Reflections:

Esther Larson has a job to do, but saving the world from economic ruin was not what she had in mind. 

A loner by nature Esther is quite happy to keep to herself, that is until this mathematical genius enters into the whirlwind of a global economic crisis. Independent, courageous and intelligent Esther must use all her talents to come up against the establishment.

I am a self-professed math hater, sorry but I am. This book deals with A-Lot-of Numbers! Thus I had an exorbitantly hard time getting into this book. 

The whole thriller somehow was lost on me, perhaps it was due to my math-hating numb mind not absorbing the plot or the fact that the characters just didn't feel authentic, and I never bonded or understood Esther's passion and drive.

But in the end, I just didn't much care for this novel. Bunn went into lengthy explanations which were pretty much lost on me. Don't get me wrong I care about our economic situation and will continue to trust that the good Lord will guide the individuals who run our country and economy, but reading about it for fun is just is not my cuppa tea.

If you love a good number driven novel with a little suspense, this may be your book, but unfortunately, I cannot recommend this one purely on personal preference.

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