Friday 30 September 2016

Book Review: A Heart Most Certain

From the Back:

". . . a memorable read for fans of redemptive historical romances."--Publishers Weekly on A Bride at Last
Lydia King knows what it's like to be in need, so she joins the Teaville Moral Society hoping to help the town's poor. But with her father's debts increasing by the day and her mother growing sicker by the week, she wonders how long it will be until she ends up in the poorhouse herself. Her best chance at a financially secure future is to impress the politician courting her, and it certainly doesn't hurt that his mother is the moral society's president. Lydia's first task as a moral society member--to obtain a donation from Nicholas Lowe, the wealthiest man in town--seems easy . . . until the man flat-out refuses.

Despite appearances, Nicholas wants to help others but prefers to do it his own way, keeping his charity private. When Lydia proves persistent, they agree to a bargain, though Nicholas has a few surprises up his sleeve. Neither foresees the harrowing complications that will arise from working together, and when town secrets are brought to light, this unlikely pair must decide where their beliefs--and hearts--truly align.

My Reflections:

I simply loved this book, everything about it was captivating. Melissa Jagears is a solid writer who can be counted on for producing entertaining and relevant novels, in this day and age that is saying quite a lot!
 I have always had a passion to help out women from all walks of life. This novel made me ponder just how my biased nature could view women and their delicate situations. It was an uncomfortable feeling but a very good reminder that we can not judge, or let our experiences color our judgment. God sees us all exactly the same. No one is better than another, sin is sin be it doing it or thinking about it..

Lydia King is in for a surprise, she thinks she is just going to waltz into Nicholas Lowe's office and come out with a hefty donation for the Teaville Moral Society. Things are rarely easy, however, and Nicholas is alike to Ebeneezer scrooge. Lydia's life is going to be turned upside down as she badgers the man incessantly. Not one to give up she intends to get what she is after, and perhaps a whole lot more!

Nicholas Lowe is used to turning people down, he is as pig-headed and stubborn as they come. However, what is is not accustomed to is a certain Miss King being so endearing and stubbornly beautiful! Nicholas sees potential in Miss King and her kind heart, coupled with unbending perseverance may be just what he needs to help him with his secret acts of charity.

This book can change the way you view life around you, it can open up your eyes to things unseen and unspoken, if you open up your heart and really soak in the underlining significance.

It is not a usual occurrence to come away from a novel and ponder the issues in my surrounding community and the ways I can contribute to society as a whole. This book is so well rounded it is labeled historical fiction but it is oh, so much more than that. We have redemption, self-sacrifice, hypocrisy, charity and deceit all wrapped up in a beautifully done well-flowing story line that melds all these elements perfectly. 
Sigh, I so can't wait for Jagears next edition!

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  1. Thanks Tanya for this recommend. I was just thinking I need find me something like this. I can't wait to read it.

  2. It is my pleasure Lenna! Thanks for stopping by my Blog.


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