Saturday 29 August 2015

Book Review: Not By Sight

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From the Back:

"Downton Abbey meets The Scarlet Pimpernel in Kate Breslin's wonderful historical novel set amidst the drama of England's World War I home front."--award-winning author Elizabeth CamdenIn the spring of 1917, all of Britain's attention is on the WWI war front and the thousands of young men serving their country on the front lines. Jack Benningham, dashing heir to the Earl of Stonebrooke, is young and able-bodied but refuses to enlist despite the contempt of his peers.

A wealthy young suffragette, Grace Mabry will do anything to assist her country's cause. Men like Jack infuriate her when she thinks of her own brother fighting in the trenches of France, so she has no reservations about handing him a white feather of cowardice at a posh masquerade ball.

But Grace could not anticipate the danger and betrayal set into motion by her actions, and soon she and Jack are forced to learn the true meaning of courage when the war raging overseas suddenly strikes much closer to home and their fervent beliefs become a matter of life and death.

My Reflections:

Downton Abbey is one of my favourite TV series, so when I saw the synopsis on Kate Breslin's newest book I was sold right away. Her last book "For Such a Time" remains to be one of the most recommended on my book shelf, so needless to say I was intrigued.

I must admit it took awhile for me to really sink my teeth into this book, I was annoyed by Grace's lack of insight. Her awareness is limited and  her attitude is very self centered and self righteous, she was unable to see others situations and circumstances.
That kind of rubbed me the wrong way for the first half of the novel. Perhaps this was part of Breslin's master plan, because my patience was rewarded by a book filled with espionage, romance, danger and coming of age wisdom.

Grace Mabry an idealistic patriot who yearns to do what she must for the cause, misguidedly hands Jack Benningham a wealthy Heir a white feather. Her simple action opens up Pandora's box and sets off a chain of events that unleash life and death consequences.

Breslin doses a exquisite job of entwining history with fiction fusing together a beautifully mastered story. After my initial response I was extremely thankful to have read this book, and would recommend it to others, with a twee bit of caution if you have issues with snobby characters :-)

I received this book free of charge from Gaf Martin Communications in exchange for my honest review. Thank you Graf Martin!

About The Author

  1. Kate Breslin
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    Kate Breslin

    A Florida girl who migrated to the Pacific Northwest, Kate Breslin was a bookseller for many years. She is the author of For Such a Time and lives with her husband in Seattle, Washington. Find her online at
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