Thursday 29 January 2015

DIY: Clean your Glass top stove or fireplace glass for FREE!

Dirty caked on grease and grime, so difficult to remove!

Today I am going to teach you how to clean your glass top stove and your wood burning stove glass.

You will not believe just how simple it is without buying anything. It's free, and no more chemicals!

I always cook with cast iron frying pans and pots, so my glass top gets abused and dirty. This is months worth built up grime.

I wash it after each use with soap and water and have spent a fortune buying cleaners that were ineffective and messy.

With this trick you will clean your stove in minutes with not elbow grease involved!

the trick....drum roll please!......

Ashes and water, that's it friends.

I will show you step by simple step.

Dip your paper towel or newspaper into the ash. Use either outdoor ash from a fire pit, or your wood burning stove. If you live in the city, ask one of your friends or relatives to save you some.

Make sure you have enough water on the stove to form a paste, you don't want to scratch the glass just clean it.

Using circular motions rub off the grime, it will easily come off, unlike the harsh chemicals you currently use. Here is a picture of half done half not.

simply wipe down with soap and water to get rid of ash residue. 

There you have it a beautiful shiny clean stove in less than 5 minutes!

Clean and sparkly!

Hope you enjoyed today's DIY from the country!

Blessings friends!

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