Thursday 20 November 2014

Kefir: A Wonderful Probiotic

A picture of Milk Kefir grains (web picture not my own)

This country girl has gone through some mighty big and bold changes since moving to "the Middle of Nowhere"

Some have been gradual and some have been speedy. My gradual slide into healthy living has been the biggest and most surprising transformation yet. As some of my followers remember I was determined not to turn "crunchy"...

....Ugh, city dwellers, I hate to admit it, and, well darn it hurts, but I think I may just have become slightly chewy, NOT crunchy mind you, just a tad chewy.

I think the trouble started before I even moved here, It was when I realized I was intolerant to gluten, you have to get pretty ingenious to eat, when half of your food choices are taken away. That my friends was the start to my chewy journey...It is a slippery slope my friends, a slippery slope...

If I was to predict that I would be off Gluten, Sugar, and not able to wear makeup 5 years ago, I may have locked myself in a small dark room and called for chocolate, lots and lots of chocolate. Thing is I can't eat chocolate...oh I do love chocolate, the creamy dark goodness of it..ahh well so much for that. It makes me spacey, gives me migraines and raises my blood pressure..all of which are pretty nasty!

OK, OK back to the Kefir. My dear friend Agnes introduced me to the wonders of this stuff called a grain but is not an actual grain, more of a bacteria...sounds yummy, right? Truth be told this bacteria is filled with some mighty good probiotics too, did I have you at Probiotics?

I have found some great literature on Kefir here is some of what I found:  Wikipedia is always a good source right?   This one from the Globe and Mail I like this one it is pretty informative! Here is a u tube demo on how to make Milk kefir, the music is catchy and the lady is peppy!

So there you have it friends, some great info on the health benefits of Kefir. I also have water Kefir and Kombucha, although I have not been able to convince anyone (including myself) to try that one, it looks a little too liverish...eek! Update: The Kombucha went to an new forever home RIP dear liver, I am far too squeamish to try you!

I have to tell you my youngest loves water kefir, and asks for it daily, the other two drink it without much complaint! That says something right there, so I will continue this journey and let you know how it goes. If you need some water Kefir I have lots extra!

God Bless friends!

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