Sunday 21 September 2014

Book Review: Have A Happy Family By Friday

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You really can have a happier home in just 5 days!
Every member of a family plays a vital role in the health and happiness of the household. Everyone is important, deserves to be treated with love and respect, and needs to know that when they make mistakes they will still be loved unconditionally. And when every member of the family is pulling for each other and on the same team, everybody wins.

Is this kind of family life even possible?

Parenting expert and New York Times bestselling author Dr. Kevin Leman says it is, and he's ready to show you exactly how you can make it happen in your family--in just five days. He shows families how to

· communicate honestly and kindly
· prioritize the right things
· maintain great attitudes and behaviors
· determine the role each person plays in the family structure
· make family time count

As always, Dr. Leman's outstanding advice is laced with humor, great stories, and the wisdom that comes from a lifetime of experience.

If you've had it up to here with bickering, hurt feelings, and emotional exhaustion, Have a Happy Family by Friday is just what the doctor ordered.

Does any of this sound familiar?
· You're sick of the word whatever.
· You'd have a coronary if you ever walked into one of your kids' rooms and it was picked up.
· You remember way back when you and your spouse paid attention to each other.
· A good day is when you only send your kids to their room once.
· An exciting evening with your spouse is no yelling and no trips to the ER.
· You'd like to ground your kids for life . . . somewhere else.
· Everybody wants a piece of you, and there's nothing left to give.
· The only family member who listens to you is the dog.
· You spend a lot of your time wishing things were different in your family.

Well, wishes can come true. You can be on your way today to a happy family by Friday. Is it really possible? Yes! Embrace the truths and suggestions in this book, practice them, and watch them last a lifetime.

I guarantee it.

My Reflections: 

Who wouldn't want a happy family by Friday? For that very reason I chose to review this particular book, that and the fact that I love Kevin Leman's style of writing, and no nonsense philosophy. When we marry and have a houseful of children we tend to think "what could go wrong, we are family?" But add in different personalities, hormones, misunderstandings, and opinions and you now have the recipe for potential relational melt downs.

In this comprehensive book you will explore five days worth of food for thought and nuggets of encouragement.
The chapter headings for your daily readings are as follows:

Monday: Choose Your Words, Change Your Family. This chapter really hit home with me. I thoroughly enjoyed the reminder of how I set the tone of the family by the way I respond to situations.

Tuesday: The big time, priorities, Activities, Work, and Finances. Another great chapter, to the point and direct loved the tips on what to do and not to do in these areas. We are extremely busy with homeschooling activities so keeping the balance of extracurricular activities is a must! I loved the family first mantra in this chapter.

Wednesday: Navigating the Perfect Storm: Um... Yes please, can we say 12, 14 and 6. Perfect storm, enough said!

Thursday: Why Dad Can't be Mom and Mom Can't be Dad. Great, simply great! I was raised in a single parent home so often times I parent from a completely different angle, not to mention trying to navigate what being a good wife is all about and how to please my dear sweet husband. This chapter was wonderful because it really lays out his and hers. I especially enjoyed reading over the Q and A section. makes you realize others deal with the same kinds of issues.

Friday: Family Connections. Time together is a must in a deep and meaningful relationship, and often times our busy schedules prevent us from really connecting in an meaningful way.

At the end there is also a section titled "Ask Dr. Leman, brilliant!

Over all I would certainly recommend this book to families in all ages and stages. well written, it may take a little longer than Friday to change your attitude, (and possibly your families) but with a little determination and prayer, I know you can do it!

"Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.
Available at your favourite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group".

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