Monday 21 July 2014

Book Review: Becoming God's True Woman

From The Back:

Have you ever wondered why God made both Male and Female? Have you thought about His purpose for you as a female? Have you considered the fact that God has intentionally planned everything about your life? Yes, yes, and yes?!
Then, join Bible teachers Susan Hunt and Mary A. Kassian in this 35-day devotional digging deep into God's Word, hearing what He says about your womanhood, and learning how to  live as a "true woman" day by day. Each day begins with a short devotion and then A Time For You section -- a time for you to live for God's glory Interspersed throughout are personal stories and thoughts from girls like you.
What you spend your time with and allow your mind to dwell on will be displayed in your life. Girls need to realize that they should only spend their time enjoying the words, sounds and images they want to become. (Allison, age 17)
The media encourages girls to be loud and bossy. In shows, the quiet girl is always picked on and ridiculed. (Connie Jean, age 13)
Modesty to me is beauty. It outwardly symbolizes what Christ has done to our hearts-made them new, clean and worthy of coming into God's presence . . . that's what modesty is about. (RuthAnne, age 17)

My Reflections:

I requested the book Becoming God's True Woman for my pre-teen daughter (12) to work through together, but after reviewing it I realized that this book will be perfect for when she is older and more mature. That being said I am extremely excited to have the opportunity to present this devotional to her when the time is right.

This devotional is teeming with wisdom, which is a perfect tool to help guide our young girls on the right path towards godly decision making and self reflective passages which can help our youth dig deep to find a more intimate spiritual life.

The devotional is laid out well and is visually pleasing. It may seem a little girlish to some youth with its pretty pink pages and butterfly art. My husband commented that he felt our youngest 6 year old would enjoy the way it was presented more than a teen, but I could see where a young woman could appreciate the beauty and read and write in this handy little resource, it is pretty and not overly busy with unnecessary script. The book is divided into well thought out sections. These start with a discussion topic and is then divided into a work book/ journal space, where girls are encouraged to make notations on the topic at hand. Some of the headings in this writing space are listed as: think, pray and live for God's glory.

I feel girls could benefit from the "real life" stories that are interspersed throughout the study as well. Though the study is short and not as in depth as you would hope for, I feel it could be a perfect "supplement" to your regular devotional times.

I would recommend this devotional to any parent looking to engage their child in a thought provoking, and fun teen study, relevant to your youths life stages.

This book was provided free of charge in exchange for my honest review, from Moody Publishing. Thank you Moody!

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