Saturday 15 March 2014

Book Review: A Heart's Rebellion

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ISBN # 9780800720902

From the back:

In a world governed by unspoken rules, one young woman is about to break them all . . .
Dutiful Jessamine Barry is tired of waiting patiently for a man to decide her future. So even though Lancelot Marfleet, second son of an aristocrat, is taking an interest in her during the London season, she refuses to consider him as a suitor. Instead, she's ready to take fashionable society by storm--and finds a rakish young man all too willing to help her do it.

Can Jessamine trust her heart to lead her to a love that proves true through thick and thin? Or will her rash actions close the door on the life she really desires?

Lose yourself in Ruth Axtell's sumptuous story of discovering one's true self and finding true love.

"Rich and rewarding, A Heart's Rebellion is a regency unmatched, capturing readers with a plot so unique and compelling, pages will fly and sleep will be lost. With grace and mastery, Ruth Axtell has penned a lush regency tale where a heart's rebellion slowly ripens into a love everlasting."--Julie Lessman, award-winning author of the Daughters of Boston and Winds of Change series

My Reflections: 

I did not have the pleasure of reading Axtell's first book Moonlight Masquerade, but this book is suitable to read as a standalone none the less.
Set in the spring of 1815 in London this story starts as Jessamine Barry is experiencing her first ever Season. Unfortunately with no means, connections or title she wilts on the sidelines as a wallflower.

However upon attracting the attentions of the fine Lancelot Marfleet, things get more interesting. The two don't seem to be a likely pair though, Mr. Marfleet is so not what Jessamine is looking for in a potential suitor. After all, Jessamine is still mending her broken heart, after being jilted by her best friend's brother. Unfortunately Jessamine attracts the attentions of a very unsavory individual, unbeknownst to her, he is not what he seems, and the excitement and adventure she desires soon dissolve to fear.
Will her reputation and innocence be ruined? Will she ever find the love she craves?

Mr. Marfleet is recovering from his experiences in India as a missionary, where he contracted a potentially fatal, debilitating illness. The pressure from his parents to marry and his slow recovery have added stress to his life. To satisfy his parents, he attends social gatherings and repeatedly bumps into the fine Miss. Barry. It seems as though friendship is all these two can handle. Is Mr. Marfleet too similar to Jessamine's father, after all he will be the vicar? Can he keep this spirited girl our of harms way?

I quite enjoyed this book, it did however have it's slow spots. These were soon looked over as the action of the story starts to play out. The overall message of the book is what draws the reader in. Grace and redemption are displayed through this book, such a beautiful reminder of God's mercy and forgiveness to our rebellious and sinful nature.

"Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.  Available at your favourite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group".

 Ruth Axtell

Ruth Axtell

Ruth Axtell is the author of many novels, including Moonlight Masquerade and Wild Rose, one of Booklist's Top Ten in Christian Fiction. Currently a resident of Downeast Maine, Axtell has lived in the Canary Islands, Miami, and the Netherlands....
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