Thursday, 26 December 2013

Christmas 2013

Well It has been a relaxing, Christmas and Boxing day season. My family and I enjoyed the real reason for the season this year opting to keep Christmas simple. We didn't ask for i pads, gaming systems or fancy vacations instead we decided to focus on family, faith and the reason we are celebrating.

We had some funny, crazy memory making moments yesterday some of them being the local musicals where the black sheep decided to pick her nose and scratch herself... instead of sing.
Another one was when we had the turkey to supper, that was one happy turkey! Crazy family thought it was hilarious..until it pooped..then he got kicked back out to the barnyard.
Obviously we didn't have turkey that night but we did manage Mexican, hey at least the turkey was happy.

Another memory maker was the Risk game that lasted for two days and turning our kitchen island into a ping pong table...I have to say.. I won....because well, I never win....just saying.

So today is Boxing day and so far we have loaded the truck and trailer with more of that dang boat, (I officially hate that boat)  taken down one of the Christmas trees (two to go) and watched a family movie together. I love Christmas, there are just so many memories to make and cherish.

So from my family to yours,
 Merry Christmas, May 2014 bless you with love, faith, friends and family!

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