Sunday 30 September 2012

Life in the country, a series of events...

Well friends,
life has gotten in the way of my favorite pastime Blogging!
Home schooling has become my main en devour these days and when I feel like I am on my last nerve I go for a walk and pray, really, really hard. :-)

I have had a few of those days lately, you know the ones where you feel like crying over a Social studies text that you can't seem to remember ever learning about....ah ya, any hoo.

So this week was pretty funny and I thought you may get a kick out of my adventures.

I was determined to deliver all of my big cluckers (AKA: Layers) in my husbands truck, by the way it is the only nice vehicle we own. I decided this because I didn't want to sit on a kids booster seat, with pillows behind me, in the actual horrid chicken van. Besides that I knew I was going through "the" drive through, you know the one that left a red streak down the side of" the van".

Well this was fine and dandy until I got to the chicken loading spot to discover lo and behold there were A LOT of crates! I am sure you remember that a country girl is full of charm and wit, not to mention creativity!
Too bad I didn't take a picture for you, cuz it was pretty funny... a truck barreling down the highway loaded to the top of the cab, tailgate open also loaded to the top bunged together with various stretchy materials, carrying like 200 chickens...feathers flying. Yep if you saw that it was me. People move when they see you coming, YEAH!

All was fine until that one person asked me to back up through the gate, that I must say was very narrow. Then things did not go so well, yes you guessed it I hit the truck..a different one this time....did I mention it was the only nice vehicle we own?
Ack oh well only a materiel thing, Life marches on!

  I still keep chuckling about unloading one customers crates, and almost took a kind store owners eye out with one of the flying bungees...hehehhehe I am so funny, I must have been a few shades of red apologizing up a storm, luckily he moved fast! It was so close I am sure he felt wind!

 I am feeling a tad better because the same day when plucking the last of the crates off I some how flamed up an old back injury and have been hobbling around like a 90 year old farmer. Glad to say I am now on the mend! God is good, could have been much worse.

So all in all it HAS been an eventful week, month day, and I have not even talked about the life chain the kids and I participated in...but I think that's enough for one night!

This silly country girl is goin to bed.

Oh and If you see any missing turkeys they escaped the "barn", run turkey run....
Because I am so not looking for you in the dark with a cougar in the hood!  Nighty night!

Romans 12:12 Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.

Love it! I feel so thankful I have my God!!!!

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