Friday 11 January 2013

Marigold pharmacy

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So here is one of those nice, feel good stories.
I must tell you about a little shop I recently visited.
I know I bloged about it before, but here is an update....
 It is called the Marigold Pharmacy.
 The staff and service is a cut above.
 I went in with my good friend and her teen girls for the second time this year and we were browsing the shelves for odds and ends, looking for herbal remedies that were a tad more natural in nature than the products we have both been using.

So I wander up to the desk and ask, oh you know about a million questions rapid fire, and this very sweet owner/operator pops back into the back of the store and whips up a remedy likety split!

Now that IS service. I just had to write and tell you about this because well it is just not every day that you come across this kind of service and friendliness.

 Some of my questions may have been funny, and or personal in nature. I am not saying they were either of those, now they could have been and if they were this fine pharmacist wouldn’t have even blinked he would have just answered any old question, very professionally.

I love this guy! He is so super helpful and kind..and no I am not reviewing his store, I just wanted everyone to know how cool this store is, and because I am trying to bring you natural type products I thought you might like to try this little gem of a store out!

So I recommend you drop by this town and pop in for a wee visit, perhaps you have a pressing need for natural toothpaste as well! Oh and they have really, really nice lip balm too!
Well done Marigold Pharmacy!

Here is my favorite guy!
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Courtenay, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada
Rudy Sanchez, B.Sc.Pharm

3 John 1:2 

Beloved, I pray that all may go well with you and that you may be in good health, as it goes well with your soul.

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