Thursday 3 January 2013

Book review: Questions of Life by Nicky Gumbel

What is the point of life? What happens when we die? Is forgiveness possible?
 More than 16 million people around the world have now attended Alpha, the Christian introductory course pioneered by Nicky Gumbel.
In this international bestseller based on the Alpha Course, Nicky Gumbel addresses some of the big issues that challenge us all. Packed with humour, anecdotes, wisdom and profound teaching from the Bible, Gumbel introduces the person of Jesus Christ and invites the reader into a world of discovery that has fascinated human beings for two thousand years.

My Reflections:
I was excited to receive this book as I have never taken the Alpha course, and was eager to see what the teaching looked like.

It seems like a nice, neatly packaged little book for those seeking to know Christ better.
It is very basic and a good tool for new believers, and seasoned veterans as well.

Some of the topics it explores are, Who is Jesus?, Why did Jesus die?, How can we have faith?, How does God guide us?, and much more.
Gumbel describes himself as an intellectual, and in the past struggled with what he called a boring faith. He really didn't know very much about the Christian faith and what he did know was misguided. After reading the New Testament Gumbel became a Christian and wanted to help others grasp a meaningful relationship with God.

 His intended audience could include atheists and or people who are hostile towards the Christian faith.
Gumbel does not mince words, he says it like he sees it. His is view point is peppered through the book, and though I don't agree with every thing he is offering I think he has some good answers to consider.
If nothing else this book will get you thinking and digging deeper to find the truths you are seeking.

I received this book free of charge from The B and B Media Group, Inc, in exchange for my honest review. Thank you B and B!

About the Author:

Nicky Gumbel has written a number of best selling books. Questions of Life - the Alpha course in book form - has sold more than a million copies worldwide. The booklet Why Jesus? and its sister publication Why Christmas? have sold more than four million copies.
Nicky is also Vice President of Tearfund, a UK Christian relief and development agency working with a global network of local churches to help eradicate poverty and transform lives.
Nicky Gumbel is married to Pippa. They live in central London and have three children, Henry, Jonathan and Rebecca.

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