Saturday 11 August 2012

Book Review : Help for the Fractured Soul.

Help for the Fractured Soul, Candyce Roberts, 978-0-8007-9532-0

Candyce Roberts in her new book, “Help for the Fractured Soul” published by Chosen Books helps us Experiencing Healing and Deliverance from Deep Trauma.

From the back cover:

 The Most Effective, Hopeful Approach to Healing for Survivors of Abuse
When a person is subjected to severe, intentional abuse, the damage is devastating. It is not unusual for the minds of those victimized in childhood to fracture or fragment into different personalities. As a result, adult survivors struggle to function normally, and trust few who attempt to help them–let alone a God who, in their minds, allowed the abuse to happen. So how can they find true healing? And how can you help them?
Candyce Roberts has devoted her life to working with the highly traumatized. In this remarkable book she offers hope and encouragement to those struggling to get free–and to those helping them. She also lays out effective, real-life strategies and tools, including the top ten keys to overcoming trauma that you can put into practice right away, making this a must-have resource for counselors, pastors and healing ministers.

Reading this book has given me a new perspective on the lives and minds of individuals who have experienced deep trauma. I was deeply touched by the author’s honest, simple and straightforward writing style. Having read a lot of "self-help" books over the years which focused on overcoming childhood abuse, I can honestly say that this book is one of the best I've read. Candyce Roberts scripturally based approach is not only in keeping with my beliefs but is also well-thought out and researched. While so many books focus solely on the trauma, this book delves deeply into how scripture has offered the assistance many of us have overlooked.
The book clearly outlines the complexities and often fragmented pathways of the mind of traumatized people. This widespread problem is often times looked on by professionals as unresolvable and untreatable but Candyce Roberts shows with prayer ministry anything is possible with a willing heart.
This book is easy to read and is interspersed with personal stories from Candyce’s own Prayer Ministry. It will prepare you with a solid understanding on helping and praying with hurting people.  I absolutely would recommend this book for your church leaders, counselors, and people in the helping profession.  

About the Author:

Candyce Roberts has spent the last fifteen years in inner healing ministry to survivors of abuse, leading them into the presence of the Lord to experience emotional, spiritual, and physical wholeness. Candyce and her husband, Ray, are committed to living in Kingdom community in Campbellsville, Kentucky, sharing life with their three daughters and sons-in-law and eight grandchildren.

I graciously received this book from Chosen Publishing Group in exchange for my honest review of the book. Thank you Chosen for this opportunity!

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