Saturday, 29 August 2015

Home School Confessions Of A Summer Loving Mama

The summer has flown by. I am sitting here procrastinating over getting all the books organized, the school space cleaned up, and the kids prepared. Ever feel like digging in your heels and saying NOOOOO?

Quite frankly I love summer vacation just as much as the kids do. I mean I'm just getting into the groove of this summer gig of sleeping later, making big country breakfasts, taking river swims during the day and gleaning our meals from our weed and grass invaded garden. Do I really have to go back to the routine?

Think about it friends, endless driving of kids from here to there, school meltdowns over assignments, endless cries of I'm hungry when is break time?
Ugh I cringe just thinking of it.

But alas the time has come.

So in my vain attempt to make this exciting we go shopping for a few new clothes. Did I mention Home-schooled kids generally aren't all that fashionable? OK perhaps it is just my kids.

You would think I was asking them to give up there left kidney (I stole that saying form Andrea, hey thanks.)
The effort to find a few shirts and some matching pants was enough to make me wither. No wonder I don't shop with them! Who cares if they wear pants three inches too short and stained hoodies every day, is it integral to their learning adventures?

Um yes, because I have to look at them and even though we learn in our home I would like them to be well presented, well dressed, OK just dressed is dandy, teeth brushed and hair, ah forget the hair. We are not even going to talk about the hair.

So friends there you have it my confession is noted. I don't want summer to end, I don't want routine to crowd out our time together and I don't want miserable kids. What am I going to do about it? NOTHING. I am going to paste on my smile, and make the traditional Welcome back to School pancake breakfast, take the beginning of the year picture and jump in with both feet.

Why? Because I love my kids and know even though I may not love all that routine and business, this is life and life must go on. I will however decide on what activities are important and say no to unnecessary commitments and protect our time with God, family and friends with a fierce intensity.

Life's rush to have the bigger house, the newer car the successful business, the smartest kids is just not worth missing out on the opportunity's God blesses us with every day.
~The kind words to the Tim Horton's cashier, the continued prayer for the prostitute on the street corner, the shared laughter of good friends

...Really, lets not let September steal the joy and the opportunities given each and every day. I refuse to buy into the rat race belief society touts as the norm. Dinner in the car on the way to Cadet's is not "family time".
I just really want to remember to carve out enough time every day; time to look at each person in the eye and really see them, hug them and know them.

Do I hear a Amen sister?

Happy September friends Blessings to a new school year!

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