Sunday, 1 April 2012

Not funny! I am soo not laughing!

So my April fools day started out harmless enough,
I didn't tell any one it was April Fools day! Haha! I thought it was clever.

For once I was on time leaving for church that is until I got into my car and turned the key...nothing.
I guess I take it for granted that when I turn the key it starts. I am like one of  Pavlov's rats ring the bell, and he would bring the food out. Turn the key and my van starts.
Well not today, seems that I left the chicken inverter on and it sucked all the life out of my battery. 

So being a country girl, I Think really hard and decide if I am to go anywhere I must fix zee problemo!
Back in Chilliwack I would call up AS or RK these women always knew what to do, handy is their first name. Here I know no one who I feel comfortable to cry HELP to.

So I open the hood peer in looking for the square box that holds the heartbeat to my van, hmm nope, don't see it. Look some more A the big kid of the bunch says mom it's right here, so I open up the top of the plastic thingy and see the computer stuff box, ugh!

After assessing the situation I decide we are not taking this beast anywhere. Here is where perspective and expectations come in and if you have been reading my blogs you know I have been thinking on these things a lot! 
So my new perspective and expectations toward my van have shifted now that it doesn't do what I want it to do! It in my eyes is a piece of junk! LOL..

So being the good loving, kind mom I am (did I mention I am kind) I instruct the two big ones to push the van while I steer, down our driveway out of the way so I can get the truck out. I didn't really think they would be able to move it but Jimminy crickets, they did! 

Now having the van out of the way, I was able to pack up all the kiddletts into the truck and leave the piece of van in the driveway. 
No problemo, fixed that, not really.. but I got to church.

After church went to get gas...both visa cards were declined, Oh, so not a happy moment, that has never happened to me before. And I really needed gas and groceries. I tried to find my happy place but only came up with smoke, bother!  Seems Visa is experiencing technical difficulties (I hope)

I arrive home to get lunch to a crowd of hungry monsters, (yes me).

I then head over to the neighbors house, and feel instantly much better, I love them so kind and welcoming people! They even came over to help fix my van. Did I mention I love them?

So a happy end to a crazy day!
Just look at these happy kids and dog, they even gave the kids a country ride home!

All is well that ends well....

Isaiah 41:13
I the Lord your God, hold your right hand and say to you, "Do not fear, I will help you"

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