Thursday 16 March 2017

Book Review: A Moonbow Night

From The Back:
Her wilderness survival skills are without rival. 
But her greatest talent is keeping other people's secrets.

After fleeing Virginia, Temperance Tucker and her family established an inn along the Shawnee River. It's a welcome way station for settlers and frontiersmen traveling through the wild Cumberland region of Kentucke--men like Sion Morgan, a Virginia surveyor who arrives at the inn with his crew, looking for an experienced guide.

Though he balks when Tempe is appointed to lead his team through the wilderness, it isn't long before Sion must admit that her abilities may outmatch his own. But can the tenuous tie they are forming survive the dangers waiting just around the bend?

From the Back:

Author Laura Frantz yet again swept me off my feet and draw me into the pages of this rugged tale. 

Frantz, a master storyteller, makes her readers feel as if they are truly alongside her characters. I must confess I completely lost track of time as I tramped through the untamed wilds of  Kentucky's backwoods in the year 1777. 

The cadence and tempo of the writing kept beat with the windy underbrush and the ever present danger of ambush. The tension was tangible as the very breath within me. I was taken with the poetic lilt of the writing; it was beautiful and expressive. 

There were quite a few unusual word choices mixed within the pages of this story, many of which I found I had to look up. It might have been helpful if a glossary was included. The occurrence of " a Moonbow" intrigued me and I had to do some research, how fascinating that this is a phenomenon, how I would love to witness such a sight!

Tempe Tucker is a backwoodsman's dream; she can do all things and well! Cooking, cleaning, hunting, tracking you name it this girl has it covered! It is no wonder since she has had to fend for herself and knit together family in the middle of a remote Kentucky forest. 

When Tucker and his crew of ragtag misfits come, a calling Tempe is drawn to the rugged leader in ways she can't explain. Although both of these characters have a pack of issues, they carry around, and this taints their every decision. Rooted in the past can these two ever work together harmoniously, or will the hardened edges of hurt and betrayal poison their very existence?

If you are looking for a rich and complex read look no further, this book has it all. Robust in imagery and endearing in character, you won't want to miss Frantz's new novel!

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