Friday 5 August 2016

Book Review: 21 Myths (even Good) Girls Believe About Sex

From the authour's blog:

​Are you a teen girl who is starting to date? Do you want to be in a serious relationship? Do you think you won’t be tempted to have sex, or do you think you know it all about guys and dating?

Are you a young woman who wants to save sex for marriage?  Who wants to protect your body but you don’t know how … or even why? Maybe you’ve made some choices you regret and are wondering if you too can start over.

or ….

Are you a woman facing a painful situation right now? Do you come from a broken past and need some hope for a new day?

My Review:

Written by a former model Jennifer Strickland addresses 21 Myths about sexuality in her newest book geared for young adults. 

In our culture we are steeped in sex, it is spoken, written and depicted in our environments daily sometimes hourly, from movies to magazines in the checkout, it is pretty hard to ignore the messages we absorb on such a frequent basis.
For this reason I am making it a priority in our family to openly discuss the topic of sex and our families stance on morality. 

This is by no means a guarantee that my kids will follow what we believe, our children will have to make their own way in the world, that my friends is where GRACE comes in!  

This book is definitely for teens, but reading it along with them may foster a deeper connection and results.

Jennifer Strickland offers her readers straight forward explanations to many questions teens may have, however I did feel the answers to be basic in nature, but a great starting place. There seemed to be numerous testimonies of the authors own experiences and advice which I enjoyed reading.

Lots of material is covered in 21 Myths, including Premarital sex, promiscuity, abortion, STD's,  love and more.
If you are looking to broach the subject of purity and sex with your young adult this may be a good tool to help you have an open and honest discussion, and grow into responsible adulthood.

I received this book free of charge from Babour Publishing in exchange for my honest review.
Thank you so much Babour Publishing and Jennifer Strickland.

Then #21Myths is for you!

About the Author:

​Jennifer Strickland is a blessed wife and mother of three, author, speaker and founder of U R More, a ministry that teaches people their value, identity, and purpose in Christ. For fifteen years, Jennifer worked as a professional model, but the superficial world of modeling left her disillusioned and lost. While living in Europe, she found Christ, and left modeling in search of a more authentic life. Since then, she has become a dynamic conference speaker and has written several books and Bible studies, helping women of all ages find their true value. Learn more about Jennifer

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