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Book Review: Brazen

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From The Back:

"Leeana's words have taught me how to be at home with myself."--Myquillyn Smith, The Nester; author of The Nesting Place

There are so many moments in life when we choose to silence our intuition, abandon our own voice, and play small, because of that accusing voice inside that whispers, "Who do you think you are, anyway?"

Who you are is a human--loved, worthy, and becoming. Who you are is a woman created by God to be and to do something unique. Who you are, deep down, is brazen.

Brazen means "without shame." Leeana Tankersley wants you to own that--to unapologetically claim who and whose you are and to know that you are enough. With moving personal stories and spot-on observations of the longings we all experience--to know we are loved, to feel comfortable in our own skin, to be heard--Tankersley invites you to receive your identity, to reclaim your voice, and to recover your soul.

Gritty and overflowing with grace, Brazen can set you free to be truly yourself in a world bent on molding you into its own image.

My Reflections:

The title of this book caught my attention right away. Who wouldn't want to be brazen, in a good way? To pick up this book is an act of courage a willingness to be more, not for the world but for God, for what he has made you to be. 

I have to be honest here this book felt a little new age ish, but not so much that I would give it a poor rating. I quite liked a lot of the suggestions and advice and will most likely need to reflect on my feelings deeper. 

I think the best take away tidbit I had from this book would be to be more aware of how I am living and how I react to the world around me. Am I listening to the soul bullies or the voice of God?
I want desperately to be who God created me to be and how I plan on consciously living a life that fosters his will is a lifelong journey that completely excites me.

This book is divided into three sections and has 40 short chapters. 
Each chapter highlights a "Reflection and Expression" section which helps the reader dig deep and encourages the reader to talk with God to delve into the crevices of unexplored areas in our life. At the end of each chapter you are encouraged to add to your "Brazen Board" A creative project that helps you understand yourself a little better in a unique and hands on task.

All in all I would recommend this book to individuals who are not afraid to dig deep. As I stated before I found this book a tad too liberal for me, although I was certainly able to read between the lines and gleen some fabulous tools for my tool box. Are you brazen enough to read this book?

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    Leeana Tankersley

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