Wednesday 15 October 2014

Book review: Renewing Your Mind

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From the Back:

Overcome the Hurts of Yesterday and the Fears of Tomorrow
As people created in the image of God, we have been given the capacity to choose what we do and do not believe. Yet even followers of Christ often stay mired in misguided ways and unhealthy thought patterns.

In Renewing Your Mind, Dr. Neil Anderson reminds us that faith is a journey of growth, and that as we mature in our beliefs, we should experience a total change from the inside out. In this fourth of eight Victory Series studies, you will learn how to allow Christ to rule in your heart, be led by the Spirit, tear down mental strongholds that keep you in bondage, live under grace, and overcome anger, depression, and losses. This study, with six sessions, can be used individually or in a group, and includes a leader's guide, along with illustrations and questions for deeper reflection and practical applications.

We are not called to dispel darkness on our own; instead, being an overcomer means knowing how to turn to the light of Christ, our source of truth. Only in doing so will we win the battle for our minds.

My Reflections:

This book is a powerful tool that will help to transform your life and grow your faith journey. In pure Anderson style you will be guided on a path to spiritual and personal growth. Anderson remains one of my favorite authors simply because he helped me change my life, directing me towards healing and ultimately the one who heals all brokenness my God. I was helped greatly through the book the Bondage Breaker, and have directed hurting people to this book (and the Bible) since.

It is no surprise that when I saw this book come through my email lists to review that I jumped at the opportunity.

This book is comprised of six sessions, the titles being: Being Transformed, Living Under Grace, Overcoming Anger, Overcoming Anxiety, Overcoming Depression, and Overcoming Losses. I equally found each chapter to hold valuable truths that can help hurting people heal and overcome struggles of depression, loss and discontentment.

In all the chapters Anderson references the bible and includes key points and verses. He also includes daily readings (passages of the bible) where we can turn to glean a greater understanding of our struggles and how God intended us to deal with them.
At the end of the chapters there is a study guide which would be great for a small group setting or to  explore your relationship with God and your life situations on your own.

This book, in my opinion like the Bondage Breaker, is a fabulous tool to help the broken and wounded people in our lives to experience the freedom only God can bring. It is such a blessing to be reading this book "healed" God is Good, all the time, in the pain and brokenness we can be made new and beautiful.

I encourage you if you are hurting and in need of help, pick up this book or the Bondage Breaker, seek out a good Christian counselor, talk to your family doctor, and ask your church family for help. Don't suffer alone, there is light on the other side, God is with you even when all you can see is darkness, he will open your eyes to his love and freedom. Wholeness can be yours, I am living proof of Gods grace. I will be praying for you my friend!

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  1. Neil T. Anderson

    Neil T. Anderson

    Dr. Neil T. Anderson is founder and president emeritus of Freedom in Christ Ministries. He was formerly the chairman of the Practical Theology Department at Talbot School of Theology. He holds five degrees from Talbot, Pepperdine University, and Arizona State...
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