Tuesday 6 August 2013

Book Review: The Amish Canning Cookbook

book title front 
ISBN: 978-0-7369-4899-9

From the Back:

Plain and Simple Living at Its Homemade Best

From the author of The Homestyle Amish Kitchen Cookbook comes a great new collection of recipes, hints, and Plain wisdom for everyone who loves the idea of preserving fresh, wholesome foods. Whether instructing a beginning canner or helping a seasoned cook hone her skills, certified Master Food Preserver Georgia Varozza shows people how to get the very best out of their food. Here, readers will find…
  • a short history of canning
  • lists of all the tools and supplies needed to get started
  • basic instructions for safe canning
  • recipes for canning fruit, vegetables, meat, soups, sauces, and more
  • guidelines for adapting recipes to fit personal tastes
With its expert advice and warm tones, The Amish Canning Cookbook will become a beloved companion to those who love the tradition, frugality, and homestyle flavor of Amish cooking!

Here are some pictures of my canning journey: Pictured here is my home made Strawberry Rhubarb jam:
Mixing and cooking the jam
You have to love the satisfaction of "home made"

The final result Beautiful easy strawberry rhubarb jam!

 My Reflections:

As you can see by the pictures I absolutely love my new Amish Canning cookbook!
As soon as I received this book I read it front to back, devouring the abundance of information contained within its spiral bound pages.

I really didn't know there were so many "rules" to canning. In the past I have canned with my good friend and she was, to me the guru of canning. Not knowing the rules I just followed along. Our efforts always turned out beautiful delicious preserves, but I had no knowledge of what not to do.

Now that I have moved my dear canning buddy can not guide me in my efforts.
So as you can imagine I was thrilled to review this book, and even happier that it was easy to read, well organized and included everything I needed to know regarding canning.
With this book novice and seasoned cooks alike can prepare home canned products, with ease and safety, within their own homes.

I would definitely recommend this book!
This is one book that I will have for many years, and I am sure my family and I will delight in the abundance of our garden well into the winter months!

I received this book free of charge in exchange for my review, from Harvest House Publishers.
Thank you Harvest House!!

About the Author

Georgia Varozza

Georgia Varozza

Georgia Varozza, author of the popular Homestyle Amish Kitchen Cookbook (more than 55,000 copies sold), is a certified master food preserver. She teaches people how to prepare and preserve healthy foods, live simply with integrity, and get the most from what they have. She works in publishing and lives in a small Oregon community. Georgia loves being with her kids and grandkids and enjoys cooking, spinning, and knitting. www.georgiaplainandsimple.blogspot.com

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